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Duplicate Files Finder version 9.4
Digeus Duplicate Files Finder
File Size: 1.89 MB
Language: English
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista x32, Vista x64/Windows 7
Duplicate Files Finder for Windows, speed up pc, free up disc space, find duplicates, remove duplicate files, Vista x32, Vista x64 for Windows Vista
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Slow Computer? Crashed Again? Get Faster Performance!
Eliminate unnecessary duplicate files, recover critical hard disk space, and accelerate computer performance.
Duplicate files on your computer waste valuable hard disk space required for smooth performance. Digeus Duplicate Files Finder eliminates duplicate files and increases the free disk space needed to ensure optimal computer performance. Digeus Duplicate Files Finder:
  Regains critical hard disk space. It finds and deletes duplicate files in order to regain     valuable hard disk space required for smooth computer operation.
  Saves time. Reduces time needed to defragment your hard drive and minimizes time used     by antivirus software to scan your computer
Are You an Active PC User?
Digeus Duplicate Files Finder is for you!
If you are like millions of other PC users, you download a variety of files onto your computer - photos, music, videos, documents, applications, and you may share those files with your friends. Whenever you download such files, your computer creates and stores duplicate files, which collectively slows your computer down and crashes your system.
Digeus Duplicate Files Finder is for you if you:
  Download music, videos, photos, applications, and other files onto your computer
When You Think Download, Think Digeus. Digeus Duplicate Files Finder finds and deletes duplicate files so you will receive optimum computer performance and eliminate crashes.
Still Not Sure?
Our FREE, two-minute computer scan will show you how many duplicate files you have that are slowing your computer down.
Got To Know?
Duplicate Files Finder is already included into All-in-One System Optimizer suite.
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Duplicate Files Finder Features
  System Speed Up
Free up valuable space on your hard drive
Optimize, clean and boost the speed of your system
Speed up hard drive searching performance
  100% Accurate
Powerful search engine with fast files check
Full binary (byte-to-byte) comparison
  100% Safe
Protect system files and folders
Move files to Recycle Bin or delete duplicate files permanently
Allows important folders you wish to be excluded from scanning altogether
  Ultra fast performance
Works in multi-threaded mode
Fast duplicate files scan and check
  Flexible Scan settings
Finds duplicate files of any type
Scan file types list can be manually extended
Search files by masks
  Find duplicates from selected folders or drives
Add multiple folders or drives for scanning
Works with removable media devices like Floppy, USB, etc.
  Smart Delete
Select files for deletion manually - the program only deletes the files that you tell it to
Open folder containing selected file
Show file properties
Minimal system requirements:
  Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista x32, Vista x64/Windows 7
   installed and configured on your system.
Main screen

"Scan results" panel pop-up menu

Product Duplicate Files Finder
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